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Our Shiny New Mobile App

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What does the app do? Our mobile service is substantially different from our web service.
  • Real-time connections, so you can match and go quickly.
  • Get a ride. Find a rider. Share a taxi.
  • Long distance and short distance. Need a last-minute ride from New York to Boston, or to the local supermarket? Check the app for matches.
  • Lower cost than Uber and Lyft. Share expenses with other people going the same way.
  • Great match features including phone calls and maps make it easy to connect.
  • Verify your partner at check in. Every member has a required profile photo for your review.
  • GPS records of matches and trips for security.
    - and -
  • Use our handy app display to show your destination on your device in a coffee shop, student center, airport baggage carousel, or taxi stand. Your location and destination are also shown via the app to other members in your vicinity.
  • Record your driver's license plate with a photo, uploaded to our server as a record. Or take a portrait photo.
  • Enter your partner's phone number to send them a link to your eRideShare profile.
Like the website, the app also helps you connect with commuters or travelers for preplanned trips.

Next time you need a ride or a rider:
  1. Fire up the app and enter your destination.
  2. If someone is along your way, they'll ping you, or you can ping them.
  3. Review their profile and feedback (after pulling over for safety, please, if you're driving).
  4. Message them or call them -- numbers are not revealed -- for any clarifications, and decide together if you're a match.

The app also facilitates Carpool Lines, matching regular routes like bus lines.

  • When would I use it? Use the app to offer or request a ride any time you're traveling. You can connect for a shared taxi at airports, for cross-country rides, for daily commutes, or for local errands.