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eRideShare has several security features and suggestions for the benefit of its users, but responsibility for safety rests with the user alone.
  • All eRideShare members can correspond by anonymous email. You send your message using a form on this site, using your eRideShare member ID, to your correspondent's eRideShare ID, and we forward it to their regular address. They correspond with you in the same way. Your email address and identification remain private.
  • You should meet the person you're considering traveling with, in a public place, before agreeing to travel together. Discuss driving safety.
  • Confirm your prospective travel partner's phone number by calling it. Other ways of increasing confidence include exchanging photographs, copying your travel partner's driver's license or other photo ID information, and asking for personal references and calling them. Review their Facebook / LinkedIn profiles.
  • We suggest that you exchange emergency contact numbers before traveling, and exchange any important medical information.
The internet is like a big city with all kinds of people in it. Don't travel with someone you don't trust.